1Seal of Approval

Under our innovative buying program, RK Motors Charlotte customers who pay full retail price for a vehicle, receive a comprehensive, multi-point vehicle Exit Service referred to as “Seal of Approval, carried out by our experienced ASE Certified Master Mechanics at the RKM Performance Center.

The key attributes of the Seal of Approval program are explained below. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact a member of our

sales team.


The exterior of a car provides considerable insight into its overall condition and quality. If everything meets our standards visually, basic functionality is next on the list. Our team goes over all the standard exterior items to be sure:

  • Hood and trunk latches and hinges work properly
  • Door handles and actuators are functional
  • Convertible or removable tops are in working order


While a first rate exterior is huge part of a car's appeal, it doesn't mean a thing without power. From small blocks to big blocks, inline four cylinders to W10's, the RKM Performance Center knows engines inside and out. To make sure our customers get reliable performance, our Seal of Approval process covers all the basics to ensure:

  • The car starts and idles properly
  • Seals and gaskets are free from major leaks
  • Fluid levels are checked and topped off
  • The air conditioning is operational (if applicable)
  • Exhaust components are properly installed and functioning
  • The battery and charging system work to specifications


We know most of our customers like to drive their cars – not just off the trailer but out on the roads in every day conditions. In order to make sure the cars we sell offer a proper driving experience, our technicians go through every inch of the chassis to ensure reliability, safety and solid performance.

Our techs begin by performing a visual inspection to note items such as corrosion, loose fasteners or improperly routed lines. If everything appears sound, suspension and steering is up next. Again, the tech goes through the car to ensure:

  • Basic suspension components are installed correctly
  • Bushings show minimal wear
  • Grease fittings are lubricated
  • Power steering fluid is checked and topped off (if applicable)
  • Commonly loosened bolts/fittings are tightened
  • Steering does not pull
  • Steering wheel is centered
  • Brakes are functional and in good working order

Brakes are one of the best places to spend when building a high performance car. From vacuum drum brakes to huge power discs, we go through all of them to make sure they are fully operational, free from major leaks and road ready. Wheels and tires are also inspected for damage or irregular wear of any kind.


With looks, power and performance out of the way, there is one final subject to our Seal of Approval process: the interior. It's where you'll spend the most time, so go the extra mile to make sure that time will be enjoyable and trouble free. Among other items, our interior checklist ensures:

  • The horn functions (if applicable)
  • Windows roll up and down to classic standards
  • Seat belts that are in good working order
  • The heater is functional
  • Courtesy lights, window cranks, switches, etc. are operational

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2Basic Safety Check

Customers who purchase cars from RK Motors for less than full retail price, or customers who purchase a car and are trading in a vehicle, will receive our Basic Safety Check prior to delivery of their car. Our certified and experienced ASE mechanics will check for and inspect the following items:

  • The foot brake operates
  • The steering mechanism operates
  • There are no fuel leaks
  • That the engine starts
  • That the battery is strong
  • The brake lights operate
  • The headlights operate
  • The turn signal operates
  • The transmission engages
  • The tires have proper tire pressure

Before any vehicle leaves our service facility, the items noted above are carefully checked by one of our technicians and adjustments have been made where needed. Likewise, before any sold vehicle is handed off to a customer or transporter and leaves our facility, a video is shot which evidences the condition of the vehicle and that the car meets the safety standards noted above. The video is then emailed to our customers for their viewing.

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