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2010 Harley Davidson Rocker C

Factory New 10 Actual Mile FXCWC Rocker C 96 CI V Twin
Stock #
Body Style
96 cu in V-Twin
Exterior Color
Red Hot Sunglo
Interior Color

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2010 Harley Davidson Rocker C Burgundy For Sale
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  • 96 cubic inch Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine
  • Rockertail suspension
  • Polished, 5-spoke wheels that are wrapped in Harley-Davidson-specific Dunlops
  • Electronic sequential port fuel injection
  • 36 degree rake
  • Convertible Trick leather seat
  • 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission
  • Disc brake system that’s equipped with 4-piston front calipers and 2-piston rear calipers
  • Only 10 original miles

These days, with the popularity of motorcycles on the rise, it’s not hard to find great looking custom bikes. But how many of those customs actually have a perfect combination of proven dependability and jaw-dropping curb appeal that’ll provide years of happy ownership? I mean, you can always go out and find some pieced together beater that’s been built by the president of your local Jesse James fan club. Or you can walk into our showroom and fire up this slick 2010 Harley-Davidson Rocker C that features a proven V-twin engine, a modern 6-speed transmission, and whole roster of high quality parts that were designed, fabricated and assembled by one company. With only TEN miles on its factory-fresh odometer, this super clean two-wheeler is virtually brand new in every way. And if you’re one of the many riders who likes to spend more time enjoying your bike than working on it, this fully-sorted Softail is just your style!

The original Softail was introduced in 1983, but its heritage dates back to the mid-70s. Bill Davis, an avid Harley rider and engineer from St. Louis, Missouri, invented a motorcycle frame that featured a cantilever swingarm which pivoted at its base, sprung at its top and hid under the rider’s seat. Davis eventually built a prototype, based on his own 1972 Super Glide, patented the design and contacted Willie G. Davidson in August of 1976. Davidson was certainly impressed, but replied six months later that, while his company was interested in Davis’ work, it would not be able to use his design. Undaunted, Davis continued development and attempted to produce his new invention as the Road Worx Sub-Shock. But after a bit of time, and a failed business venture, he eventually re-established contact with Harley-Davidson and began negotiations to sell. The Softail’s patents, prototype, and tooling were officially sold to Harley-Davidson in January of 1982. And after further testing and development, the 1984 Harley-Davidson FXST Softail stormed the market.

As Harley’s conservative but attractive take on a custom bike scene that’s skyrocketed to the forefront of the motorcycle market, this purpose-built cruiser features a unique and decidedly aggressive appearance. At the front of its frame, the custom vibe starts with a chopped fender that leads a 36 degree rake to a five gallon fuel tank that’s complete with a unique, low-profile console. Classically shaped and hand-finished, that attractive tank flows perfectly into a Convertible Trick seat, which hangs a matching passenger’s seat over sinister flames and a five millimeter deep shine. That shine spreads to a floating rear fender that’s illuminated by retro-style bullet tail lamps. And overall, the whole build features a super clean look that’s sure to age just as well as its high quality components allow.

Designed and built to mix timeless aesthetics with today’s best modern technology, there are plenty of rider-friendly features that make owning this hog a very pleasant experience. Up front, fat chopsticks ride between a sleek bullet headlamp and a custom-adjustable V-bar that’s anchored in a five inch, curved riser. Below those sticks, a 4-piston front and 2-piston rear brake system inspires confident stops. Between those brakes, chromed and staggered shorty pipes let the whole neighborhood know you’ve arrived in style. And below those pipes, forward-mounted controls let the rider kick back, stretch his legs and chase the sun.

Beneath this Rocker’s attractive facade, Harley-Davidson engineers took their time crafting a rigid frame that’s capable of handling the rigors of extended cruising. All of the chassis’ electrical components are artfully hidden to ensure a premium appearance and excellent fit and finish. Part of the Softail’s appeal is its classic hard tail appearance; and Harley’s slick Rockertail suspension is great at hiding horizontal rear shocks that ensure hours of pleasant traveling. That ride comes courtesy of polished 5-spoke wheels which spin a slim 90mm Dunlop in front of a massive 240mm Dunlop. And naturally, the bike’s steering and maneuverability is specifically tuned to create a unique riding experience for each individual.

Widely considered the best motorcycle engine ever made, Harley’s legendary V-twin is the powerplant of choice for even the most extreme customs. So it’s only fitting that this awesome Rocker C, the firm’s own take on the custom scene, boasts a 96 cubic inch (1584cc) twin cam engine that utilizes 9.2 to 1 compression to provide an excellent riding experience. More powerful than the 88 it replaced, the twin cam 96 features a new crankcase design where its starter is bolted directly to its inner primary housing. This eliminates the starter jackshaft and provides improved starter performance. Due to the internal oil passages between the bike’s engine and transmission, external oil lines and fittings are also eliminated. Vibration is reduced and performance enhanced with lighter pistons and shorter connecting rods. New, hydrostatic cam bearings replace roller bearings to offer increased durability and quieter operation. And thanks to new feedback sensors and bigger fuel injector nozzles, the engine’s improved electronic sequential port fuel injection system reduces exhaust emissions while improving overall drivability and performance. Behind that top notch motor, a 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission is quieter and requires less maintenance than Harley’s stalwart 5-speed. Its shift points are optimized to perfectly match the performance output of the engine. And the addition of dog ring shifting reduces shifting effort, making transitions faster and smoother.

There’s a definite difference between even the nicest homemade two-wheeler and a bike like this. Every piece of this motorcycle adds to both its awesome curb appeal and amazing street prowess, and there is simply NO WAY a build like this could be executed by anyone other than a major manufacturer. What’s better: Harley-Davidson is still going strong, so you’re virtually guaranteed factory support for years to come. Looking for a nice bike that’s fully sorted and ready to enjoy? This spotless Rocker C is your ticket to freedom!


Vehicle Type
Harley Davidson
Secondary Make
Model Name
Rocker C
Secondary Model


Body Color
Red Hot Sunglo
Motorcycle Type
Engine Size
96 cu in V-Twin

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