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1969 Plymouth 'Cuda

Documented Restored 'Cuda 440 A727 3 Speed
Stock #
Body Style
440 V8
Exterior Color
Barracuda Orange
Interior Color
White & Black

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1969 Plymouth 'Cuda Orange For Sale
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  • Original 440 cubic inch Super Commando V8
  • Manual steering
  • Correct Barracuda Orange exterior paint that’s accented with correct call-outs
  • Featured in the August 2003 edition of Hot Rod magazine
  • Date-correct A727 Torqueflite 3-speed transmission
  • Manual drum brakes
  • Correct white and black interior
  • Chrysler 8.75 inch rear end
  • True dual exhaust system that’s complete with shorty headers, an H-pipe crossover and traditional turbo mufflers
  • Documented with an original Chrysler broadcast sheet

There’s something to be said about the first of anything. If you’re the first to cross the finish line, you’re the winner. If you’re the first to realize a trend, you’re a pioneer. And if you’re the first of your kind, you’re an original. Now, consider this documented 1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda. Technically it pioneered the pony car segment because it went on sale weeks before Ford’s fabled Mustang. Being the first Plymouth to ever wear the hallowed ‘Cuda name, it’s certainly an original. Since it’s a real-deal M-code car that wraps a numbers matching 440 V8 and a date-correct A727 Torqueflite in a factory-correct restoration, it’s definitely a winner. And honestly, I can’t help but think that someone should devise a new nickname like ‘tri-first’ to give this highly underappreciated Mopar the exposure it really deserves! Anyway, bad marketing ideas aside, my point is this: whether you’re a diehard Mopar collector or just a cool gearhead who wants to fill an empty space in your garage, this rare ‘Cuda should be your first consideration. So, step right up and be first in line to see what a pioneering original winner looks like!

Assembled as a run-of-the-mill Barracuda, then transformed into a 440-powered strip streak by Hurst Performance, this car is one of only 400 A13 packages built for the 1969 model year. In the name of authenticity, I’ll go ahead and break down both its fender tag and Chrysler broadcast sheet.


  • E63 — 383 cubic inch V8 that’s equipped with a 4-barrel carburetor
  • D32 — Heavy duty A727 Torqueflite automatic transmission
  • BH29 — R: Plymouth Barracuda, H: High, 2-door sports hardtop
  • M9B – M: 440 cubic inch V8 / 390 horsepower, 9: 1969 model year, B: Produced at Dodge Main in Hamtramck, Michigan
  • 410941 – Sequence number
  • R4 – Barracuda Orange exterior paint
  • H6W – H: High grade trim, 6: Vinyl trim, W: White and black interior
  • X9 – Black door frames
  • 518 – Assembled on May, 18th of 1969
  • 920349 – Order number
  • A13 – 440 Engine Conversion Package
  • A57 – ‘Cuda 383 Package
  • C16 – Center console with bucket seats
  • C55 – Bucket seats
  • M21 – Roof drip rail mouldings
  • M31 – Belt mouldings
  • M47 – ‘Cuda ornament option
  • R11 – Music Master AM radio
  • V78 – Accent stripes delete
  • Y39 – Special order
  • EN2 – End of codes (Assembly line two)


  • A13 – 440 Engine Conversion Package
  • A57 – ‘Cuda 383 Package
  • B11 – 10 inch heavy duty drum brakes
  • C16 – Center console with bucket seats
  • C55 – Bucket seats
  • C93 – Carpeting
  • F23 – 59 amp yellow cap battery
  • H11 – Heater
  • J15 – Cigar lighter
  • J31 – Dual horns
  • M21 – Roof drip rail mouldings
  • M26 – Wheel lip mouldings
  • M31 – Belt mouldings
  • M47 – Simulated hood scoops
  • R11 – Music Master AM radio
  • S13 – Heavy duty suspension that includes a sway bar
  • S25 – Firm ride shocks

Much more impressive than when it originally rolled down Chrysler’s Dodge Main assembly line, this slick Plymouth coupe is an uber appealing combination of inborn tenacity and retrofitted polish. You won’t be staying under the radar with its professionally finished Barracuda Orange paintwork. There are no signs of wholesale sheetmetal replacement, suggesting it was a straight, rust-free car before its modern metamorphosis began. Not surprisingly, panel fit is good enough to make correct ‘Cuda stripes line up exactly right. And overall, this Mopar brute is so well done that its factory-correct appearance could easily pass as fodder from the latest up-and-coming speed shop!

Although it continued to share many components with Plymouth’s Valiant, the second generation Barracuda was fully redesigned with model-specific sheetmetal that provided an upscale and aggressive appearance. At the front of the car a stainless-trimmed grille, which was inspired by an inverted trapezoid, hangs crystal clear parking lights between bright halogen headlights, a show worthy chrome bumper and an offset “PLYMOUTH” script. Behind that grille, a smooth orange hood and small black scoops anchor flat black war paint just ahead of a pristine, stainless-trimmed greenhouse that’s complemented by a chrome driver’s mirror. At the sides of that hood, small “Barracuda” emblems and bold “440 CUDA” call-outs combine with dent-free wheel lips, traditional chrome door handles and a handsome metal fuel filler to add character to an awesome fastback profile. And at the back of the car, a “BARRACUDA” branded valence hangs organic looking tail lights above a second show worthy bumper, chrome-trimmed reverse lamps and bright stainless exhaust tips.

The power-hungry gearheads at Ma Mopar ensured this ‘Cuda will never miss a beat by swapping its traditional 383 cubic inch B block for a 440 cubic inch monster wedge RB. Original to the car, this 390hp mill is subsequently stamped with a 410941 partial VIN, At the top of this Plymouth’s bright orange engine, a large 4-barrel carburetor funnels wind from an organisol covered and “SUPER COMMANDO” branded air cleaner into a cast iron intake manifold. At the sides of that intake, stamped steel valve covers cap original 440 heads that bark into free-flowing shorty headers. At the front of those valve covers, sparks are sequenced from a reproduction coil to Belden Hi Temp plug wires via a tagged points distributor. And in front of that coil, a heavy duty Chrysler radiator circulates water through new rubber hoses and old school squeeze clamps. This ‘Cuda’s clean engine bay is a nice combination of form and function with details like a correct Mopar yellow cap battery, an authentic Chrysler washer fluid tank, two restored horns and a deep red carburetor spring all present and accounted for. Everything from the car’s glossy fenders to its straight firewall is coated in an excellent layer of Barracuda Orange pigment. And with one twist of the key, the fresh V8 makes low profile cruising literally impossible.

Throw the car on a lift and you’ll find a fully restored undercarriage that, while clean, is no stranger to the open road. The floors are rock solid, painted flat black and provide the perfect backdrop for a completely rebuilt suspension. Behind the motor, a date-correct A727 Torqueflite 3-speed automatic takes care of gear selection while an 8.75 inch rear end puts the power to the pavement. Around that drivetrain, an OEM-style suspension remains in place with torsion bars up front and parallel leafs out back. Cool and confident stops are provided by a full set of manual drum brakes. Exhaust flows down the center of the car to a familiar H-pipe crossover, traditional turbo mufflers and bright stainless tips. At the corners of the floor, 14 inch steel wheels spin 215/70 Michelin X One white walls around satin-finished center caps. A thorough examination of all the chassis’ bushings, lines and hoses ensures this Plymouth has the plenty of road going reliability. And while early ‘Cudas didn’t earn their place in history as canyon carvers, this car’s suspension feels tight and ready to take on any sweeping boulevard.

According to this Plymouth’s fender tag, that awesome white and black interior is indeed factory-correct equipment. And, while many muscle car fans like to play it a little more subtle, there’s no denying the cockpit’s exhilarating presence. The first thing that catches your eye is a trio of rebuilt bucket and bench seats that are firm to the touch and feature pliable white covers. At the bottom of those seats, fade-free carpet centers “’cuda” branded floor mats on a small chrome shifter that’s wrapped in a wood-trimmed console. The car’s warp-free dash anchors intricate gauges and an old school Dart Solid State radio in an attractive V-shaped contour. At the sides of that dash, white door panels hang bright chrome hardware between correct black frames, straight stainless trim and stain-free armrests. The driver spins a classy wood steering wheel around a Barracuda branded hub pad. And behind the cockpit, a fully restored trunk hauls a correct jack and a plaid-patterned mat below a fresh decklid decal.

The sale of this not-so-subtle A-Body includes the original broadcast sheet outlined above, a complete copy of the 1964-69 Barracuda information book, a 1969 Barracuda wiring diagram, and a copy of the August 2003 Hot Rod magazine in which the car is featured.

Regardless if you’re into rare Mopars, sleepers, or just engine bays stuffed with big motors, this ’69 Plymouth ‘Cuda has something to offer nearly every enthusiast. Factor in its top-notch restoration and you’ve got a real winner. If you’re ready to hit the streets in one of the unspoken heroes of the pony car world, don’t miss the chance to make this A-body yours!


Secondary Make
Model Name
Secondary Model
Vehicle Type
Passenger Car
Hobby Segment
Muscle Car

Engine / Transmission

Engine Type
Engine Size
440 V8
Engine Number
Fuel Specification
Fuel Delivery System Type
Single 4 Barrel
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic
Transmission Spec
A727 Torqueflite
Transmission Number


Entertainment System Type
AM Radio
Battery Location
LH Engine Compartment
Battery Shut Off
Battery Charger
Power Steering
Air Conditioning


Interior Color
White & Black
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console


Body Style
Safe Body Color
Barracuda Orange
Paint Type


Front Suspension Type
Torsion bar
Rear Suspension Type
Leaf Spring
Axle Specification
8 3/4
Front Wheel Specification
Rear Wheel Specification
Front Tire Specification
Rear Tire Specification
Front Brakes Specification
Rear Brakes Specification
Exhaust Type
Dual Exhaust
Muffler Type
Turbo Muffler


Restoration Status
Mileage Since Restoration
Awards Summary
Historical Documents Summary
Original broadcast sheet. 1964-69 Barracuda information book. 1969 Barracuda wiring diagram. Copy of the August 2003 Hot Rod magazine in which the car is featured.

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