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1968 Plymouth GTX

Documented Restored GTX 426 Hemi 4 Speed Dana 60
Stock #
Body Style
426 HEMI V8
Exterior Color
Bluefire Metallic
Interior Color

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1968 Plymouth GTX Blue For Sale
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This frame-up restored, real deal 1968 Plymouth GTX HEMI 4 speed is one of the finest cars we’ve ever had here at RK Motors, bar none. In its first and only showing to date it knocked down second place in class at the Mopar Nationals in 2008 – that’s entering the show circuit with a bang! The car was literally finished hours before the Nationals and loaded on a trailer. Despite only being 95% complete and having a number of incorrect parts and finishes, the car scored well enough to take home the second spot.
After the 2008 Nationals, our shop spent a couple of months installing correct parts and making this HEMI GTX near perfect! Flawless paint, a HEMI, a four speed and intense attention to detail set this car apart from show pretenders.

Here are the specs:

CAR: Plymouth GTX 2 Door Hardtop
ENGINE: 426cid Hemi 2×4-bbl HP V8
TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed manual
TIRES: F70x15 Redline tires, nylon belted
BUILD DATE: February 01, 1969
AXLE: 3.54 Rear axle ratio Dana 60, Sure Grip
INTERIOR: Black sport trim grade vinyl bucket seats
PAINT: Bright Blue Metallic paint.
Black upper door frame paint
White horizontal sport stripe
19: Wide Sill Moldings
25: Drip Rail Moldings
30: Body Belt Moldings
78: Wheel Lip Moldings
A1: 26in Radiator
R0: AM 8-Track stereo Radio
T7: Tachometer
X1: Tinted Glass (all)
Y6: Black Vinyl Top
a6: Console
b4: Bucket Seats
u1: Sold Car When Built (Somebody Ordered It)

This information came from the original fender tag. We also have around half of the original Chrysler Corporation Broadcast Sheet, but it’s enough: The VIN matches the build sheet and the build sheet matches the core support. Remember the Broadcast Sheet is the ONLY way to determine whether the body you’re looking at belongs to the VIN on the dash!

Obviously the Hemi engine dominates the build sheet, but the cool Bright Blue with white stripes and a black top deserves a nod – three color cars are very, very cool. The moldings are as you’d expect on a GTX, the tinted glass is a nice touch and the center console really dresses up the interior. The four speed is the top option other than the motor, and while the 15” wheels and F70x15 tires aren’t yet the norm, the prize for most unusual goes to the stereo 8 track deck in the dash – how many Hemi cars have you seen with one of those?

Staring down the sides you’ll agree with us that this car is arrow straight. Waves, ripples and defects are nowhere to be found, and the paint is gorgeous. The fully restored tail panel has the nicest chrome we’ve ever had here. Trim from reveal moldings to the bottle cap hubcaps shines better than new. The vinyl top and side stripes are perfectly straight, the grille is mint and the bumpers, door handles and emblems shine as new.

New Legendary door panels, seat upholstery and foams, new carpeting and a new headliner accent the mint upper and lower dash pads, gorgeous gauges, restored wood grain sport wheel and beautiful center console. The Hurst shifter is correct for a late ’68 car as Chrysler had ditched the troublesome Inland units earlier. The console top plates, end cap and console lights are new while the dash fascia plates are mint originals. Everything functions as it should from the gauges to the lights to the working original AM/FM radio (handier than the factory 8 track unit and still just as hard to find) to the rebuilt tachometer. The view from the driver’s seat is amazing – if gas went down to 39 cents a gallon for Super Chief you’d be back in 1968!

The original block long gone, a completely rebuilt and detailed 1969 426 block takes up the reins in the nearly perfect engine compartment. Date coded wires, correct battery cables, correct finishes and fasteners – that’s just the start. The air cleaner’s chrome is perfect, the correct dual point distributor’s in place and the wiring is all new from the harnesses to the ballast resistor to the date coded voltage regulator. All hoses are proper from the correct heater and radiator hoses to the Gates 11/32” PCV hose and the date coded power steering return line. An 048 radiator’s up front keeping things cool. Correct fasteners hold everything in place and the motor’s so fresh the correctly painted-on-the-motor exhaust manifolds have yet to burn off the orange paint!

The undercarriage might just be cleaner than the top, correctly finished in dark gray “dip” primer and with all new and refurbished components are in place. The exhaust is a full reproduction system from manifolds to the date coded mufflers to the resonators and tips. The front suspension is correct down to the correct end links and new strut rod washers and nuts. There’s a new fuel tank, new lines and everything else you’d expect on a high dollar restoration. Undercoating lines the wheel wells in an as-new “sloppy” manner, and overspray from it covers the brake and fuel lines as well as the upper control arm access flaps, just as it should. The Dana’s rebuilt and detailed; the leaf springs are restored originals with new pads and clamps. There’s enough body color underneath to duplicate the factory’s (lack of) effort, but the paint is flawless all the way to the bottom of the rockers. Cosmoline coats the lower control arms while plenty of runs in the paint on the torsion bars simulates the factory job. A restored starter splash shield protects the original Hemi 4 speed direct drive starter.

This brilliant GTX comes with not one, but two sets of wheels: the original HEMI 15" steel wheels with restored dog-dish caps and a brand new set of Wheel Vintiques Magnum 500 Road Wheels. When you’re feeling a little old school, throw the steel wheels on … when you want some flash, the Road Wheels are the way to go.

Original Chrysler Corporation Broadcast Sheet, original VIN tag, original body: Your investment is assured. The quality of the workmanship, the rarity of GTX Hemi cars and the car’s three color scheme set it apart. Investment grade National award winning HEMI B Body – this is what you’ve been looking for in a high caliber show car with no excuses!


Secondary Make
Model Name
Secondary Model
Vehicle Type
Passenger Car
Hobby Segment
Muscle Car

Engine / Transmission

Engine Type
Engine Size
426 HEMI V8
Engine Number
Fuel Specification
Fuel Delivery System Type
Dual 4 Barrel
Transmission Type
4 Speed Manual
Transmission Spec
Transmission Number


Entertainment System Type
Battery Location
Battery Shut Off
Battery Charger
Power Steering
Air Conditioning


Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console


Body Style
Safe Body Color
Bluefire Metallic
Paint Type


Front Suspension Type
Rear Suspension Type
Axle Specification
Dana 60 3.54 Posi
Front Wheel Specification
Rear Wheel Specification
Front Tire Specification
Rear Tire Specification
Front Brakes Specification
Rear Brakes Specification
Exhaust Type
Muffler Type


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