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1966 Ford CAV GT40 MK II

Frame Off Built GT40 MK II 427 FE Side Oiler ZF 5 Speed
Stock #
Body Style
427 V8
Exterior Color
Black & Silver
Interior Color

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1966 Ford CAV GT40 MK II Black For Sale
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  • Professionally built and blueprinted 427 cubic inch FE V8 that produces roughly 470 horsepower and 516 lb./ft. of torque
  • TIG-welded, stainless monocoque chassis
  • PBR power four wheel disc brake system that’s complete with 300mm rotors at every corner
  • Fully finished interior that features modern air conditioning and many authentic touches
  • Mechanical fuel injection
  • Fully independent suspension that features adjustable anti-roll bar linkages, 16 adjustable rose joints and fully adjustable competition coil over shocks
  • 15 inch BRM wheels
  • ZF 5DS25 5-speed transaxle
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • CAV vinylester body that’s equipped with optional wide rear fenders and covered in stunning black, silver and blue paint

One look at the legendary Ford GT40 MK II and the first term that comes to mind is “cruise missile”. With a slippery shape and razor edge lines that are every bit as wind-cheating as they are alluring, this car LIVES to run; and anything less than triple digit speeds is just a waste of its time. Built by Classic Motorsports in Northville, Michigan, this CAV GT40 MK II is about as close to riding a bullet as you can get. And, with only 364 miles on its bright digital odometer, it’s a fresh, fully-sorted track machine that’s ready to rock and roll! Are you looking for a legitimate continuation of Ford’s original MK II that’s capable of almost inconceivable levels of performance? Then this incredible CAV GT40 is your ultimate thrill ride!

I don’t think the extreme, purpose-built nature of the GT40 really occurs to most people until they see one up close and personal. At just 40 inches tall, the driver is more or less lying in the cockpit rather than sitting; and that low-slung profile, when combined with the car’s buckled down front end and sawed off tail, create one wicked looking custom! As a highly authentic replica of Ford’s original GT40 MK II this killer CAV GT utilizes a durable Vinylester body, which is much stronger than traditional resin, to create a fully sealed, noise-free sports car that features mandatory side-impact protection and built in rollover protection. That body, which is the product of 200 man hours of skilled hand-shaping, is mocked up to its chassis long before it ever hits the body shop. And that Vinylester surface adds both form and function by stiffening the car’s frame during hard cornering and presenting a smooth canvas for a top notch coat of paint. Speaking of top notch paint, sprayed by CAV and buffed to a brilliant shine, this MK II’s contemporary and timeless coat of Black, Blue and Silver urethane recreates a classic Gulf look which will have people marveling at their reflections for hours on end. And even though it isn’t easy to create a world class show stopper out of complex resin shapes, this GT40’s excellent fit and finish is a testament to both the 600 man hours of labor invested by its first rate manufacturer and the true talents of its final assembly shop.

While this stunning Ford is best experienced in the flesh, look closely at our high resolution photos and you’ll be able to see the amount of accurate and impressive detailing that was engineered into its design from day one. On the leading edge of the car’s body, correct Cibie headlights, new driving lights and new chrome trimmed parking lights are housed vertically behind aerodynamic Lexan covers. Between those lights a slightly canted grille reveals a high efficiency 6-core radiator, and two quick-spinning Spal puller fans, which catch fresh air for cooling and provide much needed downforce for triple digits speeds. At the back of those puller fans, polished fuel fillers for the car’s FIA approved fuel tanks sit in front of a tinted windshield that’s cleared by a street legal windshield wiper. Behind those fuel fillers, original-style vented Lexan side windows occupy traditional, guillotine-style doors that are equipped with flush-fitting, satin-finished handles. At the back of those doors, optional wide rear fenders incorporate air intakes for the massive motor behind satin finished cowl hinges and familiar, body-matched sport mirrors. Between those fenders, a Lexan engine cover displays the car’s spectacular FE 427 in front of body-matched heat dissipaters. And Below those dissipaters, two-color tail lights hang at the sides of a metal rear valence which is centered on two giant stainless exhaust pipes.

By law, specialty vehicle companies like CAV are not allowed to sell their cars with complete drivetrains. But they’ll gladly provide suggestions that range from stoplight spooky to race track scary! Looking to maximize both power and curb appeal, the previous owner of this MK II decided to opt for a killer FE 427 side oiler that was built and blue printed to a stout 470 horsepower and 516 lb./ft. of torque by the pros at Kinetic Racing Engines. The mean mill’s energy mixture is supplied by an authentic Holman Moody intake which combines air from eight-stack Weber induction with high octane dinosaurs that stampede through a mechanical fuel injection system and high quality braided fuel lines. Fire comes courtesy of an MSD 6A ignition which utilizes a modern aftermarket distributor to send spark through premium Taylor plug wires. And spent gases are cycled through eight stainless steel pipes, two collectors and two mufflers that are all packaged together to mimic Ford’s original ‘bundle of snakes’ exhaust. This clean 427 is 100% show ready from its tall chrome valve covers all the way to its original-style stainless heat shield. And with a 0 to 60 time of close to four seconds, and a claimed top speed of roughly 200 MPH, the big engine is one brutal piece or vintage automotive art!

The bottom of this modern GT40 is as simple as it is technical with the car’s entire undercarriage, save for the engine and rear axle, being covered in black, aerodynamic belly pans. The chassis is a TIG-welded, stainless monocoque set up which rides on an unequal length front a-arm and independent rear suspension. Turns come courtesy of manual rack and pinion steering which combines with aggressive suspension geometry, adjustable anti-roll bar linkages, 16 adjustable rose joints and fully adjustable competition coil over shocks to provide the tight cornering GT cars are known for. Stops are provided by a modern four wheel PBR disc brake system which utilizes big calipers, braided hoses and 300mm rotors. And behind the engine, a rugged ZF 5DS25 5-speed manual transaxle sends power from a heavy duty 5-button clutch to solid shafts and 10 inch meats. Recommended by CAV as one of this car’s best transaxles, the 5DS25 turns thrust from the stout 427 into an unbeatable combination of instant acceleration and traditional GT speed. All that speed flows to the ground through high quality 15 inch BRM wheels that are fitted with traditional spinners and 6.00-15 front and 8.00-15 rear Goodyear radials. And the chassis’ stiffness is greatly aided by a whole roster of precision parts that includes CNC-punched panels, laser-cut suspension components and stiff, billet aluminum uprights.

This Ford’s interior is every bit as nice and authentic as its lightweight resin body. Original-style bucket seats wear upgraded Vinyltex surfaces under authentic silver rivets and heavy duty racing harnesses. At the front of the car a padded leather dash hangs an assortment of VDO gauges, which include a 220 MPH speedometer and 8,000 RPM tachometer, above original-style Lucas switches and an original-style adjustable pedal box. At the bottom of the car a leather-wrapped console holds a Cobra shifter and standard emergency brake above fresh wool carpet which wraps around 10 gallon door sill fuel tanks. Above those fuel tanks, original-style door latches and catches secure doors which feature both basic door panels and small Lexan vent windows. In front of the driver, an aluminum steering wheel features a colorful “FORD GT40” logo at the center of polished spokes and a thick leather rim. And behind the driver, a broad Lexan window provides constant monitoring of the car’s massive firepower. Everything in this purpose-built racer is essentially new from its carpet all the way to its headliner. And with the addition of a few street friendly refinements, which include air conditioning and enough headroom for a 6’4” driver, this simplistic cockpit has become a surprisingly comfortable place to spend a fun day at the track.

The sale of this awesome MK II includes original CAV marketing materials and a CD of pictures that were taken when the car was new.

Fully-sorted and scary fast, this Ford super car is ready to hit the track as soon as it rolls off the trailer; the fact that it’s professionally finished and packs show-stopping good looks is merely icing on the cake. Few cars can carry the legendary heritage of a GT40, but this CAV custom is certainly worthy of the name. Don’t miss your opportunity to own an amazing piece of Ford history!


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Vehicle Type
Passenger Car
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Engine Type
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427 V8
Engine Number
Casting number - C5AE-H
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Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual
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Black & Silver
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Double A-arm
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CAV marketing materials. CD of pictures from when the car was new.

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