1971 Dodge Demon GSS

Documented 1 of 1 Mr. Norm's Demon GSS 340 Six Pack V8 3 Speed Manual 3.91
Stock #
Body Style
340 V8
Exterior Color
Bright Blue Metallic
Interior Color
Orange Glen Check & Black



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Why Buy From Us ?

Why Buy
  • Original 340 cubic inch LA V8 / Correct Mr. Norm’s tri-power induction
  • Correct heavy duty suspension / Correct 10-inch drum brakes
  • Correct Plaid and Black interior
  • Believed to be the only blue, black and plaid 1971 Demon GSS ever produced
  • Original Borg Warner T85 3-speed manual transmission
  • Correct Rallye wheels
  • Fully documented
  • Correct 8.75-inch rear axle / Correct 3.91 gears
  • All-original sheetmetal / Correct Bright Blue Metallic paint / Correct vinyl roof
  • Ground-up restoration completed in 2004


  • Ground-up restoration completed in 2004
  • Original 340 cubic inch LA V8 / Correct Mr. Norm’s tri-power induction
  • Original Borg Warner T85 3-speed manual transmission
  • All-original sheetmetal / Correct Bright Blue Metallic paint / Correct vinyl roof
  • Correct Plaid and Black interior
  • Correct 8.75-inch rear axle / Correct 3.91 gears
  • Sale includes: Original Broadcast Sheet / Original Dealer Order Form / Original Dealer Shipping Notice
  • Sale includes: Original Bill of Sale / A binder of restoration photos
  • Correct heavy duty suspension / Correct 10-inch drum brakes / Correct Rallye wheels
  • Believed to be the only blue, black and plaid 1971 Demon GSS ever produced

It doesn’t take long for car guys to put two and two together. Chrysler may have intended their compact fleet to be inexpensive grocery getters but, thanks to their smaller proportions and relatively light weight, the hot rodding possibilities just couldn’t be ignored. Sold through Chicago’s legendary Grand Spaulding Dodge, this national award winning GSS is believed to be the only 1971 Demon optioned with blue, black and plaid aesthetics. The car is also a true H-code A-Body that retains an original 340/3-speed drivetrain. And, it’s fully documented, from its original broadcast sheet and dealership paperwork all the way to a binder of restoration photos that were snapped during its 2004 restoration. If you’re looking for an incredible piece of MoPar muscle that’s way cooler than habitual B-Bodies, and way more accessible than overhyped E-Bodies, here’s your next classic!


Like all Mr. Norm’s specials, the Demon GSS combined skilled dyno tuning and extra performance goodies with a top-notch platform to maximize performance. Much cleaner than when it originally rolled out of Grand Spaulding’s legendary showroom, this surly Dodge has been transformed into a take-no-prisoners show stopper that, according to its seller, claimed First Place A-Body at the 2004 All-Chrysler Nationals. You won’t be staying under the radar with the car’s slick Bright Blue Metallic 2-stage, which, along with a correct hood and correct MoPar war paint, highlights all-original sheetmetal. Those visuals are detailed by new bumpers, polished trim, a correct roof and colorful callouts. And overall, this fully sorted Demon is a virtually flawless representation of timeless Detroit muscle.


When are two letters insufficient? “GS” says it all, right? Gran Sport, Grand Sport, however you want to pontificate, if you’re going to add a third letter it better mean something. And when Mr. Norm’s tacked on an “S”, they were sure to highlight the fact that they juiced a lightweight, compact car into a pavement-rippling torque monster. Check this GSS’s glossy engine bay and you’ll find an original LA V8 that hangs a familiar 2780930 casting number opposite a September 23rd, 1970 casting date and matching partial VIN. At the top of the Hemi Orange mill, a trio of correct Holley 2-barrels guides wind from a correct, Ford-style air cleaner in to a 1970-model Edelbrock intake. At the sides of that intake, painted valve covers cap factory heads and clean, cast iron exhaust manifolds. At the back of those heads, a traditional points distributor sequences spark through requisite Chrysler Electronic Suppression cables. A correctly tagged radiator circulates water through pliable hoses and old school squeeze clamps. And overall, this Dodge’s clean engine bay is a nice combination of form and function, from its Chrysler voltage regulator and reproduction MoPar battery all the way to its Chrysler washer tank and tight MoPar fuel filter.


Take one look under this slick A-Body and you’ll find a fully sorted chassis that’s adequately equipped to back the car’s aggressive appearance. An original Borg Warner T85 3-speed, authenticated by a matching partial VIN, twists a proven 8.75-inch rear end that’s fitted with correct 3.91 gears. That smooth drivetrain feeds a heavy duty front torsion bar and rear leaf suspension that’s shackled to factory manual steering. At the corners of that suspension, correct heavy duty drums provide increased stopping prowess. Exhaust rumbles through stainless, true-dual pipes, which employ traditional turbo mufflers and polished stainless tips. Above that impressive hardware, original, body-matched floors frame a fresh fuel tank and clean stainless fluid lines. And at the corners of those floors, correct Rallye wheels spin correct E70-14 Goodyear Custom Wide Treads around stainless trim rings and charcoal center caps.


Inside this Demon, an awesome and equally correct interior adds unique spice to the car’s already hot aesthetics. The car’s correct Plaid and Black benches are soft to the touch, featuring pliable covers that present very well. In front of those perches, a warp-free dash hangs detailed telemetry beside a familiar Chrysler Solid State. Below that dash, “Demon” branded floor mats protect fade-free carpet, which frames a traditional Hurst shifter. At the sides of that carpet, weather-free door panels unite matte frames with serious “GTS” badging and a sprinkle of bright hardware. The driver stays connected through a ‘deep dish’ steering wheel. And passengers stow their essentials in a fully restored trunk.


Since our sale includes both an original Broadcast Sheet and original dealer paperwork, there’s no questioning this coupe’s substantial provenance. Here’s a detailed look at how the car rolled out of Chrysler’s Dodge Main manufacturing facility:


  • L: Dodge
  • M: Dart/Demon
  • 29: 2-door sports hardtop
  • H: 340 cubic inch V8 that utilizes one 4-barrel carburetor to create 275 horsepower
  • 1: 1971 model year
  • B: Manufactured in Hamtramck, Michigan (Dodge Main)
  • E55: 340 cubic inch V8 that utilizes one 4-barrel carburetor to create 275 horsepower
  • D13: Floor shifted 3-speed manual transmission
  • D57: 3.91 gears
  • T76: E70-14 raised white letter tires
  • M1X9: Plaid and Black interior
  • V01: Monotone paint
  • GB5: Bright Blue Metallic paint
  • V1X: Black vinyl top
  • V6X: Black longitudinal stripes
  • V8X: Black transverse stripes
  • C23: Rear armrests that are complete with ashtrays
  • C52: Bench seats
  • C93: Carpet
  • B11: 10-inch heavy duty drum brakes
  • A31: High performance rear axle that’s fitted with 3.91 gears
  • A46: Molding Package
  • A88: Interior Décor Group
  • G42: Non-day/night rearview mirror
  • F96: Oil pressure gauge
  • J15: Cigar lighter
  • J45: Hood pins
  • J54: Sport Hood
  • M21: Drip rail moldings
  • M26: Wheel lip moldings
  • M43: Grille trim molding
  • N41: Dual exhaust
  • N42: Chrome exhaust tips
  • N45: High capacity fan
  • N51: Maximum Engine Cooling
  • R11: Solid State AM radio
  • S13: Heavy duty suspension that’s complete with a sway bar
  • S25: 1-inch firm ride shocks
  • W21: Rallye wheels


  • LM29: Dodge Dart Demon 340 sport coupe ($2,721)
  • M1X9: Deluxe bench seat cloth and vinyl interior ($12.75)
  • A31: High Performance Package ($61.40)
  • A46: Moulding Group: ($7.45)
  • A88: Interior Décor Group ($13.85)
  • C93: Carpet ($18)
  • D13: Floor shifted 3-speed manual transmission ($00)
  • E55: 340 cubic inch V8 that utilizes one 4-barrel carburetor to create 275 horsepower ($00)
  • J45: Hood pins ($15.20)
  • J54: Black performance hood that’s complete with scoops ($44.45)
  • R11: Music Master AM radio ($64.10)
  • V1X: Black vinyl top ($88.25)
  • V6X: Performance side stripes ($00)
  • V8X: Rear deck panel stripe ($00)
  • W21: Rallye wheels ($46.80)
  • Y14: Sold car
  • T76: E70-14 raised white letter tires ($43.40)
  • 093: Destination Charge ($52)

ASSEMBLY: Hamtramck, Michigan (Dodge Main)
DELIVERED TO: Grand Spaulding Auto Sales Inc.


  • The aforementioned Broadcast Sheet
  • An original Operator’s Manual
  • A vintage Mr. Norm’s ad
  • An original Dealer Order Form
  • The aforementioned Dealer Shipping Notice

Whether you’re a diehard MoPar fan, or just a muscle car novice looking for an affordable way to crack the hobby, this unique Demon is a great choice. Of the 69,861 Demons produced for 1971, roughly 10K were equipped with 340s. And with its rare blue, black and plaid aesthetics, this coupe HAS to be one of the coolest. Best of all, it’s a fully documented, national award-winning Mr. Norm’s car. You know this classic won’t last long. So, if you’re ready to put a Demon in your lair, better act fast!


Secondary Make
Model Name
Secondary Model
Vehicle Type
Passenger Car
Hobby Segment
Muscle Car

Engine / Transmission

Engine Type
Engine Size
340 V8
Engine Number
Fuel Specification
Fuel Delivery System Type
Six Pack
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual
Transmission Spec
Borg Warner T85
Transmission Number


Entertainment System Type
AM Radio
Battery Location
LH Engine Compartment
Battery Shut Off
Battery Charger
Power Steering
Air Conditioning


Interior Color
Orange Glen Check & Black
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console


Body Style
Safe Body Color
Bright Blue Metallic
Paint Type


Front Suspension Type
Torsion bar
Rear Suspension Type
Leaf Spring
Axle Specification
8 3/4" 3.91 Sure Grip
Front Wheel Specification
Rear Wheel Specification
Front Tire Specification
Rear Tire Specification
Front Brakes Specification
Duty Drum
Rear Brakes Specification
Duty Drum
Exhaust Type
Dual Exhaust
Muffler Type
Turbo Muffler


Restoration Status
Mileage Since Restoration
Awards Summary
  • First Place A-Body.
  • — 2004 All-Chrysler Nationals.
Historical Documents Summary
* Original Broadcast Sheet. * Original Operator’s Manual. * Vintage Mr. Norm’s ad. * Original Dealer Order Form. * Original Dealer Shipping Notice.

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