1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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RKM Built Camaro Convertible Pro Touring 582 Dart 772 HP V8 5 Speed A/C "RK1"
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Body Style
582 Dart V8
Exterior Color
Sunset Orange
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  • Concours level custom build that was completed by RK Motors Design/Build division
  • 582 cubic inch Dart big block Chevrolet V8 that creates 772 horsepower and 775 lb./ft. of torque
  • Colorado Custom billet aluminum wheels
  • Fully documented
  • Actual ’69 Camaro Rally Sport body that has been completely customized to appear as one piece
  • Tremec TKO600 5-speed manual transmission
  • Completely custom floorpan
  • Custom mixed Atomic Orange Pearl Metallic paint
  • Art Morrison G-Max boxed frame that has been heavily reinforced
  • Completely custom interior

The RK Motors Design/Build division has turned out some pretty heart-stopping machinery, and if you’re a Chevy fan, here’s one we built just for you. This is a real 1969 Camaro RS convertible, now known as RK-1, and it may just be the most capable, well-engineered, powerful, and drivable 1969 Camaros on Earth. Built as a rolling test bed for some of our latest tricks, and to showcase RK Motors Design/Build division’s fabrication abilities, it’s a double-throwdown supercar that is surely the standard by which all others will be measured.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a closer look.

To answer your first question, yes, that’s an original General Motors body, not a modern reproduction. There are some who will argue that the reproductions are better, but if you’re building a take-no-prisoners supercar, do you really want to put an asterisk next to any of the car’s stats? Of course not, so we found a clean RS convertible and then disassembled it down to the molecular level. Once we could see what we were working with, any damage was repaired as if this were a concours showpiece. Additional bracing was welded into the cowl area, the floors, the radiator cradle, and behind the back seats to cope with the power we were planning to add. The rear wheel housings were tubbed to accommodate the massive rear tires, and have been so beautifully finished that it’s really a shame to hide the work under the upholstery. The floors were replaced with custom fabricated flat pieces, which were possible thanks to the new frame under the car (more on the frame in a moment), and a sheet metal transmission tunnel was formed that would create the backbone of the car.

With a solid foundation, the modifications began. The rear spoiler was formed from steel and seamlessly welded to the body in three pieces so the trunk remains fully functional. The side marker lights were smoothed and eliminated, and the front bumper was tucked in tight to the body. The hood was extensively modified for both a custom look and to house a hidden air filter and billet cowl-induction grille that feed the monster big block lurking underneath. Out back, the original taillight panel was filled and modified to accommodate a quartet of oval billet taillights, giving this Camaro a unique look. The roll pan under the bumper was modified to house four exhaust tips (two per side), and the bumper was faired into the fascia. Even before the paint went on, this car had a unique look.

The paint is a custom mix based on GM’s Atomic Orange, but with a lot of pearl and metallics mixed in. Where the factory paint sparkles, this paint positively glows as if it is lit from within. Laid down over exquisitely prepped bodywork, this is as close to flawless as I think a car can get (and remember that I don’t use the word ‘flawless’ very often). Panel gaps are exact, and alignment is precise enough to make you think the whole car was hewn from a single chunk of steel. Then the black stripes were added, feeding the twin nostrils of the custom hood up front, and extending over the deck and bumper in back. Then it was all buried under several coats of clear and color sanded and buffed to an award-winning shine. There’s a reason paint jobs like this cost $50,000—they’re worth every penny.

There are plenty of trick details outside, too. I already mentioned the custom taillights, but check out the gas cap, which matches the taillights’ shape and sports a custom RK-1 logo. The door handles may look stock, but they are simply electric switches for the actuators inside the doors and they open with a mere touch. Up front, the blacked-out Camaro RS grille and headlight doors were retained, but the doors are now actuated by electric motors instead of the trouble-prone vacuum motors that were there originally. The stainless windshield surround has been polished until it looked like a mirror, and all the glass is new.

OK, it’s gorgeous. But can it back it up? Oh hell yes.

Open that custom-fabricated hood and you’ll find an all-aluminum 582 cubic inch Dart big block Chevy that generates a dyno-proven 772 horsepower and a pavement-wrecking 775 pounds of torque. Built in-house by our own expert engine builders and using the finest components, this engine throws up big numbers, but also idles beautifully, is happy cruising around town at slow speeds, and drinks pump fuel. A lot of that is thanks to the tunable Hilborn fuel injection system, which features a glove box mounted tuning module and air/fuel ratio gauge that makes fine tuning the system easy. Our tuning shop set the car up, and today it drives beautifully with no hiccups, stuttering, or flat spots in the power curve. Throttle response is instantaneous, and you had better practice your shifting, because you’ll be bouncing off the rev-limiter if you’re not careful. It also incorporates a very cool traction-control system that can be shut off by the driver.

Beautiful carbon-fiber valve covers add some high-tech eye candy up top, along with those eight velocity stacks feeding the engine fresh air. And it all ties into that custom air filter housing built into the hood that I mentioned earlier. Exhaust duties are handled by a set of beautifully fabricated and polished long-tube stainless steel headers that might look more at home on a NASCAR racer than on a street car (which isn’t surprising, since RK Motors Design/Build employs a lot of NASCAR technicians). There’s a compact accessory drive up front that includes power steering and A/C, driven by a single serpentine belt. And the inner fenders and firewall have been replaced by custom-fabricated panels that give the entire engine bay a smooth, finished look. Wiring and hoses were hidden, and you can’t help but admire those custom CNC machined aluminum braces that are not only beautiful, but add a noticeable amount of stiffness to the chassis. A Tremec TKO600 5-speed manual transmission delivers the twist, and has been heavily reinforced with upgraded internals to handle the power demands that the big block Dart motor will put on it. Nevertheless, it shifts beautifully, and with a steep overdrive gear, that big engine is capable of pushing this vintage ragtop awfully close to 200 MPH. It spins a nickel-plated custom-built driveshaft that has been balanced to 200 MPH, just in case.

That frame I mentioned earlier is a heavily modified Art Morrison G-Max box frame mated to the unit-body. It features over 3.5 inches of ground clearance under the car at its current ride height, including the gorgeous polished stainless steel exhaust system. The engine was relocated down and rearward in the frame for better weight distribution and handling. To add torsional rigidity and improve safety in the convertible, there’s a custom crafted, mandrel bent, removable 2.5-inch stainless steel roll bar overhead. Up front, there’s a custom fabricated front frame cross-member/stiffener with provisions for a sway-bar pass through. The front suspension is fully independent, fully polished, and features Strange adjustable dampers and coil-over springs, along with a race-style sway bar. Out back, a bulletproof Ford 9-inch features highway-friendly 3.50 gears, a hardened center section, axles, and lugs, and hangs off a race-quality 4-link rear suspension with another set of Strange adjustable coil-overs. Steering is compliments of a modern rack-and-pinion setup, and is a huge improvement over the original system. A 24-gallon fuel cell replaces the original gas tank, and all the lines are either polished stainless steel or braided stainless hoses. Brakes are massive NASCAR-spec Wilwood discs at all four corners, with 6-piston calipers up front, and 4-piston units in back, providing race-caliber stopping power for a car that can probably embarrass some pretty fast machinery. Wheels are gorgeous Colorado Custom billet pieces wearing 275/35 ZR18 front and 330/35 ZR20 rear Michelin Pilot Z-rated tires.

The interior is no less spectacular and unique than the rest of the car. 100% custom fabricated by the Design/Build division, it is finished in two-tone gray and orange leather with carbon fiber inserts. The seats are modern buckets that are every bit as comfortable and supportive as they look, and you’ll definitely need the aggressive side bolsters to hold you in place when you see how hard this car corners. And note that even the back seat has been bolstered to resemble the fronts, a subtle touch that is a perfect example of the kind of craftsmanship that went into this car. Other notable details include the custom molded carbon fiber sill plates, Formula-1 style foot pedals, and one-of-a-kind CNC machined shifter with a “split ball” design. The dash is a modified ’68 Camaro piece with an Autometer tach and speedometer and billet switchgear, and it matches the custom-built console with a CNC machined gauge panel housing a handful of Autometer auxiliary gauges. The steering wheel is a modern twist on the original Camaro piece, and it looks completely at home in this updated cockpit. Of course, all the modern conveniences are included, including power windows, power locks, a tilt/telescope wheel, and A/C. The entertainment system is a Pioneer AM/FM DVD stereo/GPS navigation/MP3 interface with an 800 watt amp, six speakers, and two sub woofers. The trunk area is fully finished with matching paneling that hides the entertainment system’s wiring. Overhead, a black canvas power convertible top seals things up if the weather turns against you.

Documentation, as you can imagine, is substantial. We have hundreds of photos of the build itself, manuals and receipts from the parts that went into it, and you can actually come in and talk to the guys who built the car if you have questions. I call that living documentation, and there’s nothing better than that when you need answers about your new supercar.

Honestly, just look at the photos and the specs on this car and you’ll know all you need to know. Fabricated and finished by the finest craftsmen in the industry, full-blown custom builds don’t get better than this. There’s not a show in the country where this car won’t compete for top honors, and if you’re brave enough to hit the streets, there isn’t anything that will run with it. When companies go all-out to showcase their talents, you know you’re getting something special with big doses of amazing thrown in for free. This is that kind of car. RK Motors Design/Build division is that kind of place. If you’re looking for the nastiest, fastest, most beautifully finished early Camaro in the world, I’m pretty sure you just found it. Call now!


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582 Dart V8
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5 Speed Manual
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Tremec TKO600
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Sunset Orange
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Ford 9" 3.50
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Dual Exhaust
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We have hundreds of photos of the build itself. Manuals and receipts from the parts that went into the build.

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