Pricing Levels Comparison

At RK Motors Charlotte, we strive to remove all guesswork from the buying experience. Every car that arrives at our facility undergoes a detailed inspection performed by an ASE certified master mechanic. Once the vehicle is cured of any major defects, it earns the RKM Performance Center Seal of Approval. Upon sale, we offer two additional service options: The RKM Performance Center Test & Tune and the RKM Performance Center Certification. These packages allow buyers to unlock the most comprehensive post-sale service experience in the industry today.

To help determine which performance package best fits your needs as a classic or high performance car owner, refer to the comparison chart below for details on each level:

  Seal of Approval Test & Tune Certified
Number of Service Hours to Complete 15-20 30-45 60-75
The car starts and idles properly      
Free from major fluid leaks      
All fluid levels, from motor oil to coolant, are checked and topped off      
The air conditioning is operational (if applicable)      
All exhaust components are properly installed and functioning
(Lots of “homemade” hangers out there)
The battery and charging system work to specifications      
The choke is operational (if equipped)      
The air filter is breathing clean and clear      
The coolant system is functional      
The air conditioning system not only works but blows ice cold      
The coolant system is leak free      
All seals and gaskets are leak free      
Compression is within specifications      
Cylinder leakage is within specifications      
Bolt-on speed equipment operates properly, including superchargers and turbos      
The carburetor is tuned for optimal performance (if equipped)      
Ignition timing and point gap/dwell is accurate      
Valve train noise is acceptable to specifications      
All OEM identification decals are in place (if applicable)      
Driveability Seal of Approval Test & Tune Certified
All basic suspension components are installed correctly       
Bushings show minimal wear      
Grease fittings are lubricated      
Power steering fluid is checked and topped off (if applicable)      
Commonly loosened bolts/fittings are tightened      
Steering does not pull      
Steering wheel is centered      
Brakes are functional with all components in good working order      
There is no excessive play in the suspension system      
An alignment is performed to ensure proper steering and tire wear      
Shocks are leak-free      
The rear differential is leak-free      
Transmission shifting noise is acceptable to specifications      
Back-up light switch is in place and functional      
Neutral safety switch is operable and present      
Speedometer cable is in place and not rubbing other components      
The drive shaft is in good working order and free of excessive vibration      
The differential is fully operational and leak-free      
Interior Seal of Approval Test & Tune Certified
The horn functions      
Windows roll up and down       
Seats that adjust properly and remain in place      
Seat belts that are in good working order      
Functional heater and defrosting system      
Operational courtesy lights and hand controls (window cranks/switches, etc.)       
Floor and trunk mats are in place      
Spare tire, jack, hold down, lug wrench and inflator present (if applicable)      
All accessories work as intended (clocks, radio, etc.)      
Blower fan works at all speeds      
Vents are clear and functioning      
All hand controls work as they should (window cranks/switches, etc.)      
All interior lights are functional      
Headlights are tested and aimed      
All interior trim and rubber seals pass our inspection      
All instrumentation is fully functional and problem-free      
Exterior Seal of Approval Test & Tune Certified
Paint is free of significant flaws such as large scratches, cracks or discoloration      
Panel fitment is consistent with even gaps all around      
Stainless trim is free of dents, scratches and chips      
Chrome pieces are not pitted, dented or flaking      
Glass is free of cracks, scratches and pitting      
Wiper blades are not worn or dry rotted      
Hood latches and hinges work properly (You’d be surprised by how many don’t.)       
Door handles or actuators are functional      
Windshield wipers and washers operate correctly      
Convertible or removable tops are present and in working order      
Trunk latches and hinges operate as they should      
Outside mirrors are fully operational