Custom Builds


1972 Chevrolet Nova Build

The RKM Performance Center completes a wide variety of projects. Sometimes we build one-of-a-kind, ground-up pro-tourers. Sometimes we build an engine. Sometimes we spray a little paint. And sometimes, as in the case of this 1972 Chevrolet Nova, we only build half the car. Generally, projects like back-halfing are brought to us by enthusiasts who … Continue reading 1972 Chevrolet Nova Build

1940 Pontiac Build

For fans of vintage things, there’s an undeniable thrill in bringing something back to life. A joy in having the ability to help preserve something that’s stood the test of time. A distinct sense of pride that a piece of history, no matter how big or how small, will continue to delight for many years … Continue reading 1940 Pontiac Build

1970 Pontiac GTO Build

Considering our extensive coverage of the RKM Performance Center’s awesome Trans Am and Impala projects, you’re probably thinking we specialize in comprehensive, 6-figure restorations. Not specifically. See, we’re a full-service facility that can tackle almost any of your automotive needs. So, if you’re like the owner of this slick GTO – an accomplished enthusiast who … Continue reading 1970 Pontiac GTO Build

1967 Ford Mustang Build

Sometimes folks own fun cars they’d just like to make more fun. For those enthusiasts, it’s not about polished trinkets and 6-figure builds, it’s about optimizing the quality of the time they spend participating in one of their favorite pastimes. This 1967 Ford Mustang was a sorted pony that just needed to be cleaned up … Continue reading 1967 Ford Mustang Build

Trans Am Build – Assembly

The key to creating an impressive pro-tourer is a solid foundation. With the creativity currently inhabiting the classic car hobby, it’s becoming pretty easy to find quality components to shore up any build. That said, all the engineering and technology in the world can’t account for the many discrepancies or alterations inherent in a one-off … Continue reading Trans Am Build – Assembly

Rusty Wallace Corvette sells for $110,000 at Barrett-Jackson

  In recent years, NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Rusty Wallace has been a regular at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Collector-Car Auction and Saturday night he was there to sell a special 1978 Corvette he customized. The gleaming black Corvette featured a 450-horsepower Chevrolet engine built and dyno-tuned by Doug Yates, who runs Roush-Yates Engines, the … Continue reading Rusty Wallace Corvette sells for $110,000 at Barrett-Jackson

Trans Am Build – Body

Despite all the cool adjectives we can throw at performance, functionality and the feel of actually driving a classic car, appearance is arguably the single most important aspect of any build. Think about it this way: when you admire a cool custom, what’s the first thing that draws you in? Appearance. When you’re thinking of … Continue reading Trans Am Build – Body

Operation Fearless – 1991 Bronco Build for fallen Navy Seal Adam Brown

Adam dreamed of restoring the 1991 Bronco for his son.  While he wasn’t able to do that, RK Motors was fortunate enough to lend a hand. Navy SEAL Chief (SOC) Adam Brown was killed in action in Komar Province, Afghanistan on March 17, 2010. In true “Adam Brown Style” he died a true hero, placing … Continue reading Operation Fearless – 1991 Bronco Build for fallen Navy Seal Adam Brown

Insider Video of the RK Motors Charlotte RK527 Shelby Build

Some have gone as far to call this a Shelby “sleeper” based on its stock appearance. The Stang, dubbed RK527 for owner Rob Kauffman and the size of the massive 800horsepower 527ci Kaase powerplant, is receiving plenty of work in preparation for competing on the 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour. However after hearing it fire … Continue reading Insider Video of the RK Motors Charlotte RK527 Shelby Build