If you've explored our website, you’ve probably noticed several references to “world-class” service. It’s not just a phrase our marketing team uses. It’s a philosophy that informs all practices at RK Motors Charlotte.

Of course, we don't expect you to take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying:

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Joe, A note on my positive experience with RK Motors. I was interested in a C2 Corvette that I had seen on the RK Motors website and sent an email asking for additional information. You responded and put me in contact with Don Berard. Don and I communicated a few times as I considered various cars at RK Motors and other companies. I emailed Don last Saturday (after hours on the East Coast I'm in CA). He responded immediately to my email and we scheduled time to talk on Sunday. Despite RK Motors being closed on Sunday, he was willing to talk and late night East Coast time. We closed the deal Sunday evening. This past Monday Don sent me all of the information needed for the wire transfer. Once the funds were received he sent me an email on the next steps. The next step included putting me in contact with Jon Sipple regarding the "Seal Of Approval" service as I had a couple of questions on the service. Jon responded promptly to my emails. I also reached out to Greg Smith for information on the shipping options to transport the car to CA. Greg also responded promptly and provided the info that I needed. I was hesitant to purchase a car from the East Coast, unseen but the prompt responses from the RK Motors team helped ease my concerns. I'll follow up once the car arrives in CA but didn't want to wait too long to compliment your team on their service! I'm happy to sing RK Motors' praises! Bill Yang

September 2016

Received car around noon today, everything fine, thanks for your help. RK Motors first class in my book. Look forward to doing business again with ya’ll,
Steve Clark

July 2016

Some large branded car dealers could learn a lot from you guys on how to treat a customer and close the deal without the painful game that follows when you are just trying to buy a vehicle. Finally, a special thanks to you for priority you placed on closing this deal in record time. also a thanks out to Greg Smith for taking the lead on getting the truck to my location. he also is very good a making it happen versus just talking about what could happen.

Most of my car friends know about RK Motors and the high level of vehicles you offer at much less than anyone could build the same vehicle. going forward I will promote that the people & process are at the same level as the vehicles that RK Motors offers.

Thanks again,
Glen Van Buskirk

March 2016

The 2013 427 Corvette is completely as described. It rides and drives as new and is the fastest and best head turner I've ever owned. The color is exceptional, the interior without flaw. I think both parties made a fair trade and I am completely satisfied.

Kevin L. Starr

March 2016

RK Motors, in my opinion, is the best place to find and buy your high quality dream car or next toy. Their inventory is full of high quality automobiles painstakingly preserved or restored the correct way at very fair prices. I throughly enjoy my automobiles purchased for RK Motors and my friendship with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone as i have to all of my friend, acquaintances and folks who have asked me for recommendations and advice.

Worth Mitchell

March 2016

I have been buying, trading and consigning with RK Motors for several years and find them to be professional and fair. Their cars are of the highest cosmetic quality. Their pictures and write-ups are second to none. There is little fear about buying without an inspection. After purchase follow-up with Chalamar is always positive.

Hal Waggoner

February 2016

After hearing good things about the people at RK Motors, I contacted them regarding consignment of my street rod. I found Tony Klein to be a pleasure to work with. He was very professional and forthcoming in our communications. He evaluated my vehicle and made suggestions of enhancements which would help ensure the desired result would be achieved in the marketing of the vehicle. We agreed on an acceptable sale price. Following the completion of the recommended items, I brought the vehicle to RK for consignment. After a thorough inspection and correction of some minor issues at what I considered a fair price, the vehicle was offered for sale. It sold quickly with me receiving the agreed value. I would have to repeat the recommendation that I received. RK Motors does what they say they will do, and obtains for the seller a fair and agreed value. What more could you ask for?

Doug C.

January 2016

I have the unique expierence of buying and also selling a car from RK Motors.

It is very difficult and risky to evaluate a car on-line. I have heard many stories about people buying on-line and the cars did not turn out as advertized. This is where RK Motors works very hard to represent their cars as accurately as possible. They also do a great job of marketing their cars.

Their pictures give you the ability to look at details on any part of the cars you feel necessary. They are also willing to answer any questions you have as accurately as possible. They removed the all the doubt for me to purchase one of their cars.

I visited their showroom which is filled with high level cars. Their sales staff were very professional and answered as many questions as they could for me.

When I decided to sell my car, I called RK and ask them how we could do this. They were very helpful and lead me step by step through this process. The thing that impressed me most was even though I purchased the car from them, they would not take my word on the quality of the car. Only after they did their evaluation were we able to finalize our deal. They took all new pictures and did a great job of marketing my car. They were able to sell my car quickly and kept me well informed through the entire process. We answered any questions the new owner had hopefully he will enjoy his car as much as I did.

I would highly recommend RK Motors to anyone buying or selling their cars.

D. Lafferty

January 2016

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